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Nomadic implies you barely spend a couple years in one place at a time. Homeownership to stay put implies that you stay put for decades, because mortgages are usually 30 years. Isn't there anything in between?

Sure, buy a house when you get somewhere, sell it when you are finished there and accept the losses due to that suboptimal process as costs of the lifestyle. You can't be picky when you buy it, you'll have to sell in a hurry, you may have to pay fines for paying of mortgages at an increased rate, etc. However, it can be done.

But it can be done just as well, or in some cases even better, by renting. No fines, no selling (worst case scenario you have to rush to sublet, which is a lot less paperwork and hassle), and depending on the area you even get to be picky. You can move every 5 to 10 years buying and selling property, but it sounds like you have to throw away a lot of money to do so, and I thought the point of homeownership was to avoid throwing away money.

At this stage you're beyond rules of thumb and down to evaluating each deal on a case by case basis, factoring in everything from interest rates to how long you think you'll be in that particular place.

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