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Although not applicable to DVD collections, I realized the following:

When I started using Dropbox, I uploaded some media files onto my account and realized that even for the most obscure items, someone out there has already done so before me. As a result, backing up those files was merely an exercise of data deduplication in most cases.

Exactly. Physical media is pretty much redundant in the case of things that are easily pirated. I still buy CDs and movies to support the artists I enjoy, but I've pirated albums and movies that I already own simply for the convenience of having a well done rip without the knowledge required to do so myself. (I've started making FLAC copies of albums as soon as I buy them now, but for older CDs that wind up scratched, pirating was generally easier and of better quality)

Does dropbox do global file de-duplication? How does that fit in with their policy of encrypting user data?

This is why, in 2001, I made fun of Rhapsody. Why wouldn't you want to actually own your music? I mean, that's the whole reason I have this HUUUGE iPod, right?

Now I stream Pandora to my phone. I think I have 4 CDs ripped on my laptop.

Funny how times can change...

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