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I would be interested to see how the new preemptible GPU instances fare in this comparison, perhaps on the next revision? https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/instances/preemptible#...

Dammit. When did Google announce these?

It looks like preemptable GPUs are exactly half the price of normal GPUs (for both K80s and P100s; $0.73/hr and $0.22/hr respectively), so they're about double the cost efficiency (when factoring in the cost of the base preemptable instance), which would put them squarely ahead of CPUs in all cases. (and since the CPU instances used here were also preemptable, it's apples-to-apples)

Quite recently I think. You can’t be blamed for missing it, the documentation is inconsistent on if it is supported. (https://mobile.twitter.com/danielwithmusic/status/9421780263...).

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