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I've also grown pro-renting and pro-disowning.

I bought an apartment a few years ago, then relocated and rented a new apartment for myself, leased my own apartment to an acquaintance of mine, never went back myself, and finally had an enormous relief when I finally sold it.

I don't think I'm owning again any time soon, if ever. Even if I lived there myself all the time this time.

I think that it's sensible to own small stuff, like your pots and pans, furniture, clothes, and you know, personal stuff. You're probably not going to Europe on a whim all the time and there's always some place you can stash a few boxes while you're away.

It's just that I've also learned to own very little, to minimize the burden of owning stuff. So far I've recycled more stuff out of my home than hauled new stuff in. I'm quite ruthless in choosing what to give out: if I haven't used or needed something for some time, it's out. It always feels good. Books are a notable exception, though.

Then, personally, car is a bit of a borderline case for me. I'd definitely lease if I had to drive a new car. On the other hand, I drive little and only leisure-like trips that I could simply choose not to drive. So it makes sense for me to own an old car which is what I've done for the past decade. While I actually enjoy taking care of the car maintenance, should it happen to break down it would just remain broken until I would get to fixing it (or have it fixed). So I don't stress about its ownership either: my car is a convenience but not at all a necessity.

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