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Just remember that renting is like SAAS.. you don't really own your stuff and don't have control over it. For 90% of use cases - that's fine. But remember the 10%.

This is important; to me at least. I'm a tinkerer, and I like to mess around with things I own. While it might be worth avoiding ownership for the decrease in stress, the fear of damaging someone else's equipment by toying with it would be nightmarish.

My old earphones started dying the other day; they'd cut out whenever the moulded 3.5mm jack moved. So I cut it off and resoldered a new one, and now they work just fine. If I'd rented (a bad example, I know), they'd probably be sitting in a dump right now because no doubt the economies of scale dictate it's cheaper to simply manufacture a new pair.

Similarly, I live in a rented house with flatmates at the moment, and the things I'd like to do - install a couple of solar panels, run Cat5e through the house (instead of running it down the halls), rig up some neat project ideas I have with an Arduino - I can't, because it's not mine.

I guess my point is that we shape the world we live in, and we can't do that to other people's stuff (at least, not within social norms anyway).

Yes! Glad someone echoed my sentiment.

A parallel from my own world. I bought a new truck - only if I buy something that I truly invest in will I care enough about it to care FOR it for the 20 years I expect it to last. I do all the maintenance myself more out of a love-hate relationship with that type of work. But damn it is nice to drop in a new set of speakers or a beefier tow hitch when I get a wild hair up my ass.

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