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The nature of the mission list/tapes makes far more sense when you consider that it is a follow-up to Peace Walker (not to MGS4) which used a similar structure. Arguably, it's part of the reason that it's MGS_V_, not MGS_5_ - Peace Walker was at one point known as "Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker"[0].

It does definitely go overboard though, with the missions that are there being repeated and many of them not being that memorable. There are also plot threads that are clearly just dropped (e.g. major character disappearing with an important item that is only addressed in an unfinished state on a bonus disc/cutscenes that seemingly have no way to be unlocked in-game),and given how Konami just dropped Kojima Productions it's a reasonable assumption that it wrapped early (though whether that is due to Konami plugging the plug early or because it overran budget/time estimates is less clear).

[0] http://ameblo.jp/kp-blogcast/entry-10466416389.html#main

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