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Does anybody know who actually owns Fox Engine at this point? Afaik it was Kojima Productions who created the engine, but Kojima and Konami split.

Yet the Fox Engine wiki lists Metal Gear Survive as the only upcoming Fox Engine game, not Death Stranding. Death Stranding's wiki says it uses the Decima game engine. That, in turn, was developed by Guerilla Games and Kojima Productions.

So from that situation, I guess it's Konami who now owns the Fox Engine? I wonder how that ended up happening, Kojima's own studio developing an engine and then he doesn't even get to keep it.

Kojima Productions, pre-Death Stranding, was only a subsidiary under Konami.

As I understand, its purpose was to relieve Kojima of business responsibilities that a traditional executive would have. I would assume it was only a studio on paper and all assets and IP were still retained by Konami.

I didn't realise until now but Fox Engine has also been used in the yearly PES Soccer games as well!

After Kojima left, he reformed the studio as an actual independent company which is backed and funded by Sony with complete creative freedom.

He toured studios around the world and decided to work with Guerilla Games, who built Decima for their title Horizon: Zero Dawn.

They're simply using the engine and collaborating with Guerilla to make tweaks and modifications to suit their title.

I believe it's not unlike the working relationship that Insomniac and Naughty Dog had in the PS2 days, where they would share tech and insights.

So yeah, tldr: Fox Engine was always owned by Kojima. Kojima Productions was once a subsidiary and is now an independent entity. KojiProd is essentially borrowing Guerilla Games Decima Engine rather than building one from scratch.

P.S. I'm just a fan, not anyone who is speaking with authority ;)

> Kojima Productions, pre-Death Stranding, was only a subsidiary under Konami.

One would assume that if Kojima is already influential enough to get a whole studio, even named after himself, he might as well ensure, at least partial, ownership of the properties created by that studio.

These contract negotiations, for the studio's original formation, must have been a really awkward process.

On a side note, I was hoping to look up the subsidiary under the Japanese companies register out of curiosity but unfortunately they don't provide free and/or unregistered search like the one here in my country.

They also don't run their service on weekends meaning they quite literally shut down registration and other functions. I feel like that defeats the entire purpose of having a website!

They developed it while they were owned by Konami, so yeah its pretty natural it falls under the ownership of Konami by contract.

Konami is using the Fox Engine in the upcoming Metal Gear Survive.

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