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Be bought by another company ;)

we don't want that. we think there's a big business model/opportunity related to being the best in the world at understanding how humans perceive their own faces and the faces of others.

also i'm very fortunate in that i already have one company that was bought, plus another that will hopefully go public. so want to build something bigger. plus in Silicon Valley nobody truly respects you if your only goal is to be bought by another company.

Looks like something facebook would buy. Do you consider them as competition ?

Facebook are clearly a very smart and capable team that is very interested in this exact area. So yes, they are competition.

But it is a classic case of that for a large company it is hard to execute on many priorities at once and dedicate a lot of organizational resources and attention. Plus they seem to have bet on going directly to VR.

We are laser-focused on doing this particular usecase extremely well, have a large/growing/strong engineering team, and have business leaders that don't have any other priorities beyond making this product excellent.

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