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As a physics student I always hated quantum optics. IMHO the by far least intuitive field in undergrad physics. I never got. Not even a bit. Circuits, Special relativity and quantum physics in the context of atoms was so much more approachable to me. I mean, I like physics. I wonder why optics is so different.

In the end all I did was learning some standard configurations of optical instruments. That and ray optics made me pass. Of course i forgot almost everything almost instantly.

I really love the idea to get a better intuition for what is going on by a game.

By level 30 I thought I understood how the Faraday rotator works in this game. In level 32 I feel like my solution should work, but it doesn't. It behaves completely different that I think it should. The help page don't help me at all.

I'd like to see some "debug" mode where I can freeze time and inspect the quanta.

Also I feel that the simulation sometimes "gives up" too early, and i can't see why something isn't working because it ends too early.

It looks like it ends when the 'chosen' path clicks for that round. That is, if you have a 75% chance of going on a long path and a 25% chance of hitting a rock immediately, 25% of the time it will end quickly (and not show the possible, but not chosen, path).

I, too, found that annoying.

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