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SelfControl.app is still my favorite Mac app ever. Add a list of sites to block, set a timer, go. I have a huge blacklist. I enable a 24 hour every night. This way I don’t even have a chance to start procrastinating the next morning.

The crazy thing is how many times you’ll try to go to one of your addicting sites even though it’s blocked. SelfControl acts as a great circuit breaker in this case, and can also show how bad the addiction is.

If I want to read HN, I have to do it on my phone. If I’m looking at my phone, I know I’m screwing around, so it doesn’t last long.

I built something just for email. https://dndemail.com keeps your inbox empty and only delivers your new messages on a set schedule. That keeps me out of my inbox and focused on my real to do list.

Could you share your blacklist? I've a very minimal one

It’s pretty personal by its nature. Basically every site I enjoy. Social networks, blogs, news aggregators, etc. One exception is that YouTube is allowed, since I never procrastinate by watching YouTube videos (thankfully it seems I’ve been spared from that particular vice).

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