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I don't mean a dictionary (also a good idea), I meant texts: articles, novels, blog posts, transcripts of conversations, etc.

As for dictionaries, there's wiktionary, but it's broken because it's based on words, not meanings, so you'd need 30*29 translations for each word.

Mmm, maybe I should do it...

But a good translation is really, really tough to do. It's an art form. Just having a basic context isn't usually enough. "I'm going there to see you." Am going on foot or by car? (Gehen vs. fahren; chodit vs jezdit.) And how well do I know you? Each culture has a different point where they go from formal (Vous/Sie/Vy) to informal (tu/du/ty), based on how well you know someone. I'm telling you, it's tough.

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