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I had a run-in with CoinHive this weekend so I did a bit of research.

Most modern computers can do about 30/h a second. Coinhive currently pays out 0.00009030 XMR ($0.02 USD) per 1M hashes.

For a 10 second pause, they'd mine 300 hashes (about $0.000006 USD). To make $1 USD, they'd need to have ~166,666.66 people connect to their in store WIFI.

That's plausible given that Fibertel is the #1 provider of free wifi in Argentina. It could well be that some IT guy had the idea, figured it was possible to make a few hundred bucks a month this way, under the radar. Completely not worth it for the company.

30 hashes a second seems extremely low and I'm wondering where they got that number. Are they using unoptimized JavaScript I nstead of ASM.js?

30 hashes a second is what you'd likely see on mid-range laptops. You can test your machine on CoinHive (https://coinhive.com/)

My fully maxed out 2017 rMBP can only do 50-60h/s at full speed with all threads. Most people don't have a machine nearly as powerful as mine.

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