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Show HN: Pancake – a CLI/Emacs web/gopher/file browser (uberspace.net)
22 points by defanor 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Looks nice, what are people using gopher for these days? I've read about the protocol and I like it conceptually, but didn't know if it was being used very often.

Thanks. I think that phlogs form a large part of active gopherspace, though it might be simply because I'm mostly reading through those myself (i.e., that's rather subjective). Then there are some mirrors (web comics, websites), which tend to be handy if you prefer cleaner and/or more accessible UIs, and just homepages with homepage-style materials, of course.

Looks like the native support for gopher in Firefox went away... I was just showing someone at work gopher earlier this month, so it must be recent. I am an Emacs user so I'll give Pancake a try.

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