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This may grow and become an alternative given the funding changes and possible policy changes at Patreon, but right now it almost looks more like a proof of concept or MVP.

785 new users in the past month? €815 transferred last week? If their total throughput is under $5000/month they have some growing to do before becoming much of a Patreon alternative.

>Payments come with no strings attached. You don't know exactly who is giving to you, and donations are capped at €100.00 per week per donor to dampen undue influence.

They also seem to have their own opinions about things that should be best left to users.

I believe one reason they do it this way is that they want to ensure that they stay firmly in the realm of donations and might not inadvertently move to selling stuff (by creators starting to provide benefits to people who donate). This is a key difference from Patreon. Selling stuff comes with lots of different legal requirements, which is why e.g. Patreon will deduct VAT for European patrons.

Similarly, having a (relatively low) limit on maximum donations I imagine is done to avoid running into anti-money laundering regulations (which are particularly strict in France).

You can join the organization and give your point of view of you want, that's the difference with patreon

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