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Pubsub is probably one of the lesser known features of IPFS right now, given that it's still marked as experimental. We're researching more efficient tree-forming and message routing algorithms, but generally the interface is pretty stable by now. Pubsub is supported in both go-ipfs and js-ipfs.

A shining example of pubsub in use is PeerPad, a collaborative text editor exchanging CRDTs over IPFS/Pubsub: https://peerpad.net

Off-topic question for you. What language do you recommend developers build IPFS-backed apps with? I started building an app in Go (which is your reference language) but Javascript seems to have a lot more APIs available for it.

If you're looking for raw performance and/or large datasets, go-ipfs is for you. If you're‚Äč looking for running within websites (and in browsers generally), then js-ipfs is for you.

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