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> All that technology, and yet a bunch of Vietnamese living in small villages and mud huts put up enough of a fight to create a permanent sore spot in US military history.

The table titled Belligerents on the page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam_War doesn't say "US gov" vs "mudhut villagers".

Do you expect Soviets to help you with your struggle with your oppressive US government?

Besides it was 40 years ago which is pretty much ancient time for military and anti-riot technology.

> Also, those guys we've been trying to kill for the past 15 years in the middle east keep coming back fiercer than ever.

So losses of 15000 isis soldiers for each US military soldier dead is for you "guys ... in the middle east coming back fiercer than ever"? You'd like to be of the loosing side of such conflict for whatever reason?

> And who do you think operates all that fancy technology? Men who own guns and whose fathers owned guns before them.

Not necessarily own, just operate. I don't think that soldiers have significantly higher gun ownership percentage than civilians. Also all of them have a strong opinion about obeying your superiors, kinda goes along with the job. I don't think they'll be sympathetic to bunch of civilians that don't obey their superiors.

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