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My highlight was Yegor Bugayenko's "Elegant Objects". Volume 2 was released this year (however I found the first Volume (2016) much better).

Yegor describes what went wrong with object-oriented programming. Whether you are stuck with Java or broaden your horizon, I can really recommend this book series, as it shows nicely how to deal with object-oriented code in the right way.

What was eyeopening for me was that code, written after some of the rules he proposes, becomes indistinguishable from functional programs. One example of a tree of objects resembles a LISP program. This all made me realize how flawed some of the arguments are that to me seem to divide the functional/types and OO camps.



The books are short and relatively expensive, but Yegor claims to refund 20 euros for everyone who is willing to write a blogpost.

Lately I've read blogpost about DAO posted on HN written by author. I also have read handful of his blogposts like rant on MVC not beeing OOP. Author simplified SOLID in a way that it looks like he is not correct in post about SOLID. Like he tries to bash Bob Martin and Martin Fowler to look cool. Strikes me as not really practical. Maybe even that he only tries to look like he knows what he is writing about.

Recently found him too. The 'webinars' I've seen from YouTube are interesting (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaIsQH4uc08x0H7Cu_OO7...). Certainly seems like a productive individual.

Any ebook on the way?

Nope, the author described why he won't made e-books here: http://www.yegor256.com/2016/11/09/why-no-ebooks.html

tl;dr because of piracy

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