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Also, I'm going to reply to my own comment to point out a quote from that patreonhq.com post (by Jack Conte, a co-founder):

I want Patreon to be different. I want creators to feel understood by Patreon.

The only way creators will feel understood is to include them in the decision-making process. If I were a creator making money on Patreon, I'd be organizing a new site, co-owned by other creators, where everyone is involved in the decisions made by the company.

That would be really great, an organization, owned by its members, that would manage the site.

It just takes someone to launch this, and very hard work

That's huge! Thanks

You mean like a cooperative or an union?

Filthy communist ! /s

It was the Co-Operative Society in the UK that joint funded the Manchester Ship Canal, first national UK distribution service, first to promote Fairtrade goods. They were the UKs largest grocery retailer by far.

Today they are still 6th but with 4million members.

Coop in Norway is owned by the members and is one of Norways 3 large chains together with Reitangruppen and NorgesGruppen.

BTW: They recently been running a hilarious advertising campaign on tv, based on a story about a pivoting SV company that decides to do just this with a pilot in Norway.

Is this not just a marketing pitch, though? Where is your cut from Coop Norge Eiendom AS? [Coop Norway Real Estate]

Not sure. I'm not too much into it I just find the ads hilarious.

For what I know it might be a similar agreement as the one Mozilla uses but I don’t know.

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