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LOL? An individual claiming automated trading resulting in >100% annual gains is a fairly extraordinary claim. Triple digits in $ is a hell of a lot easier to believe.

Didn't you read what I wrote: making more money than highly qualified technical position... Of course it is extraordinary, that's why I am sharing... still few weeks to go, even if not over 100% it will be close and will be my best year so far...

> making more money than highly qualified technical position...

The labour market has many inefficiencies and as a result can see huge variances by location. Highly qualified technical talent, where the supply of labour is lacking, can make a lot of money and highly qualified technical talent where labour is abundant, or where demand for that type of labour is virtually non-existant, might be lucky to make anything at all.

Without more information, this means little. Highly qualified technical talent doesn't come with a pre-defined price. With respect to how much one might earn, "highly qualified technical talent" means absolutely nothing.

if you are good enough, you can move around the world and make 6 figures USD for example...

Maybe if you have sufficient internet access. Although many people, even in the US, struggle with that. And that assumes that the market is efficient enough to make those connections in the first place. Not everyone in some random internet-deprived town has the connections to find work that pays six figures, no matter how good they are.

You can make 7 figures these days just being in the right place at the right time.

Yep, with the right numbers you can make 8 and 9 figures for sure, but you have to be very lucky ;-)

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