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I would rather buy a box with a lock on it that I can keep outside my front door than let strangers (and Amazon) into my house.

This is an odd but apparently widespread phobia.

Do you not have a housekeeper, or a landscaper, or dog walker, or anyone else who goes into your house when you're not there? It's pretty common for service personnel to be in a house doing stuff.

A person or group of people that I've met personally and don't change often is much different than letting a random low-paid employee/contractor into your house.

I'm guessing tho that lots of people don't have people they've met personally. In fact, that seems like it would be pretty strong evidence of some kind of illegal activity, e.g. employment tax evasion. I'd guess a good number of people use a service that might sometimes, e.g. send someone other than the regular person.

[I'm unsure why a landscaper would need to enter your home or apartment or whatever.]

Not to mention the actual security of locks. People are discussing this functionality as if standard doors and locks are strong enough to keep intruders out. No, they keep honest people out; a real intruder can do things like open or break a window, pick a lock (or use a bump key), or kick in the door. Those are all a lot easier than hacking your fancy IoT locks and jamming Wi-Fi.

Never expected I'd hear "letting strangers into your house" be described as an "odd but widespread phobia".

I only allow people I trust to enter my house when I'm not home.

For a certain class of people I'm sure that's true but I would bet 80%+ do not have people coming into their homes providing services when no one is home.

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