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Really great!! Are you working in some company or just living happy life from your side projects and games.

I was happily unemployed for a while, living off the app income for about 15 months.

However, I just joined an AI startup two months ago, not out of necessity, but because I found their idea super interesting and had the chance. (Also, the marginal value for a day off wasn't that high anymore.)

May We know how you get the idea of this app? Was you aware of Little Snitch at the time of making and how you thought about to overcome the competition etc and what was in your mind while creating this?

I some time feel scare of competition. I am happy customer of Radio Silence :)

Little Snitch was actually the inspiration to build Radio Silence, but in a what-not-to-do kind of way.

I had just bought my first Mac, and was really impressed with how easy everything was. It really was a joy to use. Little Snitch instantly turned it into an obnoxious, interrupting mess where almost every app was broken by default.

I'm sure Little Snitch is the right app for many people, but not for me. I basically learned Objective-C just to build an alternative for myself. That turned into Radio Silence.

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