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In most of Europe AFAIK deliveries are never left at the door, and the deliveryperson calls you shortly before stopping to check that you are at home. In this scenario if I owned a smartlock I could just open the door remotely for them, no need to buy their lock and app.

Please be more specific than "most of europe". As you are talking out of experience, you can just say where that happened. At least in Germany no delivery person will call me to check whether I am home.

I'm in Serbia and deliverymen always call. There are multiple private courier services, having gotten to know a lot of the drivers they'll sometimes bring me the package to a different location if I'm not home but reasonably close. Online purchases here are mostly paid at point of delivery, in cash if one wishes. So the delivery driver also handles the payment. Hence, they can take some liberties with delivery since the goods haven't been payed for in advance.

The cash on delivery and flexibility of couriers is one of the few services that work quite well here, compared to some more developed countries.

For me, the private ones call you if you had provided your number. In other cases you get a slip in the postbox to schedule an appointment. If you miss again, you have to go to a post pick up centre. For DHL, if you miss this as well it gets sent to some DHL sorting centre which is quite far away.

In Belgium and the UK (Scotland), I've never had people leave packages in the open. Even if I explicitly ask them to leave them in the building hallway (because I'm at work) it's 50/50 whether they'll do it.

They do it in Poland.

I'm in Europe, never had a delivery guy call me.

Either I need to be home to get a delivery or I have to rely on them giving my parcel to the concierge. Which is often more of a hassle as he finishes at 5 and I'm often not home in time to get my parcel from him.

The delivery people are notoriously overworked and constantly in a hurry. But there are other alternatives.

For example, a service I like is Inpost. They have a few dozen of huge post boxes in each bigger city. About 20 compartments in each. The package is not delivered to your house, but instead you have 3 days to retrieve it from one of those huge yellow boxes. It's a little walk, but you can do it in the middle of the night (they text you with opening code). You don't even have to know the recipient's delivery address, just the phone number and e-mail, and the yellow box closest to them. So in a way it protects privacy.

>the deliveryperson calls you shortly before stopping to check that you are at home

I'd pay extra for that (for some important or expensive purchases).

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