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The businesses around here have signs to the effect that employees do not have access to the cash, and at least one won't let the employee touch cash (as in they physically can't). I wonder how the till works in that case.

That's the "8 hour keeper". The deputy stands behind the counter, with the cashier, and takes in the money. Checks are written to the county, rather than the store. As one law firm writes "Installing a keeper can be an effective way of opening up settlement dialogue with the debtor. For example, we recently installed a keeper at a tutoring center in Orange County. The business does not collect many payments daily, but the keeper levy was nonetheless very effective because the debtor was forced to explain to its customers why the sheriff was at the business. It caused the debtor to quickly come to the table to discuss resolution."

Only once have I ever seen a sheriff's deputy doing a keeper. They were explaining to each customer that the business had failed to pay its debts and had a court judgment against them, so all payments had to be made to the country to settle the debt. Most business owners will pay up within minutes rather than have a day, or a week, of that. Even if they have to take out a loan.

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