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Show HN: Niche SaaS Idea Generator (parkeragee.com)
35 points by parkeragee 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

Meta idea: Have a web-page like this that splashes random words to generate ideas and measure the click rate of users hitting the refresh button. The longer the pause, likely the better the idea, at which point you flag that as a potential good one for yourself.

Longer pause doesn't mean better ideas. I pause because I never heard the words before or because the words is longer than others.

This is barebones. What we also need is some market analysis and some SWOT analysis. I have been thinking of a crowdsourced website where each startup is profiled under the categories 1) SWOT 2)Market size 3)Competitors 4)what does it take to build MVP.

I think such a site will be valuable

Sorry, what dues SWOT stand for ? Google search is giving something else hence asking you here lol.

It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Basically a matrix of [good/bad][internal/external].


"I've booby trapped the house with corporate resources." Everyone needs a Jared on their team.

[Edit] More detailed/serious explanation: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm

I agree with the need for more analysis.

This site seems to take a MadLibs style of 'product that exists' for 'company type that exists'. Surely there are legitimate results from that, but not without a lot more work.

The idea this generated for me is a "SaaS Generator" site. Rather than a random idea, user would select industry and service and business model, etc. and then click "generate my application". Generated app would have a polished placeholder responsive web site with multi-tentant IdP and drip email marketing and GA analytics Stripe and QuickBooks accounting, and ... - all the stuff you'd do for a SaaS business. Then add some copy and pricing and see if it sticks. Not not much Minimal Viable Product and "Minimal Viable Pitch". Generate a dozen businesses and then see which gets the most traffic. I think such a SaaS Generator site would be super helpful.

Good choice of app ideas and audience. I think i didn't get any complete nonsense, as it's often the case with similar generators.

Edit: If someone is interested in all the "ideas", just open the .js file and scroll to bottom.

A/B Testing for Churches! Convert more!

I got Sales Analytics for Churches ---

Just deploy a webserver that prints "0"

hahahaha well done

I must be honest, the red is hardcore on my eyes. Can you maybe make it a little less "intense" :)

The oppsdaily.com mailing list has been nice to get somewhat random/niche ideas from. (I’m not affiliated)

HUGE ANNOYING problem with OppsDaily is that it FAILS to connect the makers with the "Wanters". See the comments on the top voted ideas for example. Most have 2 or 3 engineers / makers begging for contact info of the requestor / Wanters.

Good idea, terrible execution.

Good to know, I’ve never gone past reading the actual mailing list, was curious about that process.


Why are the keywords underlined but not clickable??

Violates Basic web usage guidelines and is confusing!!

It symbols words that will be replaced when you click the button...

"CRM for Small Businesses" was the second one, kinda vague?

remind me of my old project :) https://mohdhazwan.github.io/instaniche/

If ideas had any value, they would not be given away.

Ideas have no intrinsic value.

While true, I find that I have a very hard time coming up with ideas that I could implement as a side project that makes money. Something like this could potentially be helpful.

You don't have to come up with ideas: that work has already been done for you. You only need to choose one.

To get an idea: gather the names of 50 software companies and perhaps 50 companies in other areas. Research all of them.

Somewhere in those 100 businesses, there is a domain that interests you, with a product that you can improve on or market differently.

There's your side project.

What does have 'intrinsic value'? Things are good for something.

It literally suggested my current company. Nice work.

you should add one more idea - 'Niche SaaS Idea Generator'

This is basically combinatorial contextless. A method of ranking and sorting the generated ideas is needed.

All the ideas are good to generate money, but bad for mankind and civilization. There's already too much vendor lock-in and ausence of communication between platforms.

We should aim for a single tool that would serve for all kinds of businesses. What's the difference between a CRM for salons and one for bookstores? Probably something that could be sold as a plugin, or -- if the underlying system is good enough -- implemented with a bit of custom code.

That's what Fieldbook and Airtable are trying to do, and I sincerely hope they succeed (although they're awful, the tool I'm building myself is much better).


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