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> To share online access with family and friends, you have to give them a special code to SMS (yes, text) to unlock the door.

This makes sense - nearly everyone's phone can send an SMS. Having to install an app just to unlock a door is an unnecessary barrier.

> Having to install an app just to unlock a door is an unnecessary barrier.

Yes, but the door is a necessary barrier, so I don't really care.

Except, SMS is incredibly insecure and can be easily spoofed.

While true, that shouldn't be overly relevant in this case. They are one-time codes that you will be sending once the person is at your door.

There is a potential issue if you're talking about sending someone a code (or multiple codes) several days in advance, but I don't think the systems are set up to do that currently.

Plus you get an alert and a picture/video whenever one of the codes is used so it's fairly high risk for a burglar. You get an entry alert and it's some dude in a mask you call the cops. I tend to think that they'll stick to the old fashioned way of just breaking a window instead.

If someone wants to break into your home they're going to break in through a window/back door, etc. They aren't going to go through the hassle of spoofing your number and generating an entry code when they can wrap their hand in a sweatshirt and punch some glass.

It depends surely on what they're after. If they want small electronic goods to sell for drug money then they'll smash a window. If they want identity/banking information so they can still the contents of your bank account(s) then probably the SMS and number spoofing is better for them.

If they are that sophisticated, wouldn't they just smash the window take some pictures of the information and steal a TV on the way out?

Yeah, exactly, my point was more "if someone wants to break in for anything they're just going to break in." Hell, I had a credit card stolen out of my mailbox and used around town last month.

Breaking into houses doesn't require Oceans 11 technology.

"Having to install an app just to unlock a door is an unnecessary barrier."

Amazon Key: unlocks your door with a app.

But this is for guests, not for you.

That's a great feature. I have a smartlock and it's insane how hard they try to keep it from being convenient to use -- in the same of security of course.

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