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What kind of software/tools are you using? I'm curious to get into this as well.

few VPS scattered around the world, python and the API from your stock broker... initial setup very cheap + a lot of time to develop and test...

How often are you trading? Largest barrier to success seems to be commission.

Why do you need VPS scattered around the world?

And which broker do you use?

Everything is automated and redundant... to start you can do it on your own laptop... I'll keep my broker secret for security reasons, but you can take a look at Interactive Brokers, their API looks pretty good...


I'm just curious about which brokers offer APIs. I've thought about automating some stuff, but never seriously enough to explore brokers.

in today's world most discount brokers offer API...

Wow, I'll be damned. I looked at this stuff a long time ago, and (I know I'm lazy) never looked again. Apparently ETrade has an API too. Interesting!

LOL, welcome to the new century :-)

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