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Front End Developer Conference – detailed talks on the main 3 JavaScript frameworks (frontenddeveloperlove.com)
9 points by praveenscience on Dec 7, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This is an awful, awful website

It's the kind of site that was probably really hard to build for no redeeming value. Exactly what I'd expect from a FE dev conference. So, I'll give it a pass.

Someone got way too excited with animations.

It's kind of anti-responsive... I've got my browser window at about 600px height, and I see there's some "below the fold" content but I can't scroll down to see it...

Maximizing I found out that it said "Day 1 Frontend Love".

There's no footer so I can't find out if the website has any more content.

We are back to the Flash era. Full circle.

I agree with it too! Very bad website. I am a FED. I can build better websites!

Is it a little disingenuous to say the Vue is one of the 3 "main" JS frameworks?

It's organized / part of vuejs amsterdam, so they do have a bit of an agenda. Of course, this conference in turn (after looking up some about stuff) is organized by http://frontenddevelopermeetups.com/, which looks like it's a professional conference organizer. They organize generic front-end, angular, and vuejs conferences. TBF I don't think they have a specific preference, they just throw around names to try and attract a specific subgroup to their conferences. Marketing company.

First one to view source and see content wins a free ticket!

Ha ha ha! :)

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