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shawndumas 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Internet Chum finally makes its way onto HN. I must admit, I clicked on it.


My wife mocks me for worrying about cleaning even very minor wounds. I think I'll send her this article.

(Reading "The Coming Plague" while in high school was definitely formative, for better for worse.)

Please forgive my use of anecdata, but I agree with your position.

A few years ago I lost some skin on an elbow just by resting it (i.e., rubbing it repeatedly)on a table too much while I worked at my computer. My skin was dry and I wasn't wearing long sleeves, which probably exacerbated the problem. I don't think my dermis was ever punctured, but I lost a bit of epidermis.

I ended up with an infection working its way up my arm, and it required level-two antibiotics to stop it.

This all happened just with normal indoor living. It's not like I waded through untreated sewage.

I'm a lot more careful now. 99% of the time applying a topical antibiotic and a bandaid is overkill. But the 1% make it a worthwhile policy.

What am I supposed to do, not click on this? I'll be back...

Edit: could have been worse, but still very gross. Not Trypophobia triggering

What is this "trypophobia trigger" meme?

I'm not sure I understand why this is on HN

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