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Beyond Functions in Elixir: Refactoring for Maintainability (medium.com)
57 points by davydog187 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I've been see more Elixir/Erlang stuff on HN recently. It makes me happy.

There's some useful stuff in here for sure. If this is your own blog post here is some feedback.

- It contains a lot of very Phoenix-specific tips, that could be useful to have in the title.

- I see you linked to the docs in a number of places. This is great. Blog posts can rot quickly into outdated documentation.

- You mention using Phoenix 1.3. It might be nice to have that right at the top, so someone who stumbles on this in 2 years can determine whether it's relevant for what they're using.

- You have all these examples of writing a blog application. Would be great to have this blog post hosted on that application itself, rather than Medium! ;)

Thanks for reading, we're going to have a product blog set up on https://theoutline.com in the coming months. That will be hosted on Elixir/Phoenix.

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