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Chrome 63 to force .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS (ma.ttias.be)
7 points by Mojah on Dec 7, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Author of the post here: it's a re-post, I'm aware of it. It got quite a bit of traction around 3 months ago.

But as of today (and as of a couple of hours), Chrome 63 is being automatically deployed to all Chrome installs worldwide. Chrome 63 is the build that includes this HSTS list, to force .DEV domains on HTTPS.

I'm getting daily mentions on Twitter & via mail that developers lost hours debugging this, because neither the console nor the network tab in the inspector clearly show why this domain is redirecting to HTTPS.

Please help spread awareness & save countless debugging hours worldwide.

i get it. They reserved ".dev" domains but as well as ".app" ?


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