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Eventually we'll face the fact cores won't get any faster and that even phones will have a dozen of them.

Porting our code to run well on such machines is a bet people should start making.

... or a bet that vendors should start making.

Intel could sell bottom bin Xeon Phi chips as development systems. I don't care if half the cores have failed testing and are masked off or it won't run at full speed.

I would love if they did that.

Developers always have the computers of the future on their desks. If Intel wants Phi to be part of that future, they'd better put them on developers' desks.

Considering that even my far-from-flagship phone has an eight-core processor, I wouldn't be surprised to see a 12-core in the near future.

Sure, but that's more like dual-quad (since no one uses Asymmetrical MultiProcessing).

Which is also another bet people should start making.

Most of the time, my laptop is doing workloads that would leave an Atom bored to death, but when I need it, I sure love those i7 cores.

I would gladly sacrifice one i7 core for 4 Atom ones, provided the OS knew what to do with them.

Yeah, it's a latency vs power vs parallelism issue

This is one reason why WinRT initially only had async APIs.

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