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Ask HN: Is there HN App that will notice me on new reply to my comment?
11 points by finchisko 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Literally HN Reader is like todomvc app, there so many HN Reader apps.

But I didn't found any that will take advantage of push notifications to notify me about new replies to my comment. Do you guys know any? Also I would like to know which one are u using and why? Thanks.

I just whipped up a super hacky Python 2 script which will notify you if someone replies to your comment, without requiring your email, and can be self hosted (fill in your HN username in the variable): https://gist.github.com/Decagon/1ef31011d05bf71aa5570f2bddda...

Just run it with: while true; do python HNgetCommentReplies.py | mail -s "new hn reply" me@example.com; sleep 1m; done;

(e.g. check every minute for new comment replies and mail output.) It will output "Reply to comment: hn-url" if there is a reply, otherwise it will output nothing. Unfortunately it doesn't save any state, so it doesn't know if it already emailed you a reply. This can be easily fixed but I don't have too much time right now. Also, it makes one query at a time, which is a bit slow (as it takes around 20 seconds to check for replies.) This can be parallelized to make it much faster.

Benefits of this script is that if it were centralized, n users could be subscribed to get notifications (e.g. a million users) it would only use one query to the hacker news server every 30 seconds or so. It just looks to see if all recent comments have a parent whose name matches yours.

I'll dogfood it for a while and see if any replies to this comment works.

" sanity check sample response\

Sample check response confirmed--but I think I have to fix something

Another sample reply after script modification to improve efficiency

Hmm, no privacy policy?

You could ask the guy making it https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=dangrossman

Personally I use it and it is awesome.

Great question.

I posted a related Ask HN the other day asking about who’s using the api and for what tools:


Unfortunately I’m never made it to the “ask” page so it never got traction

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