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He Made Masterpieces with Manure: Traces of Vermeer (literaryreview.co.uk)
14 points by Vigier 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

> measures pigments into mussel shells

It is worth commenting that we aren't talking about the mussel appreciated in kitchens that everybody knows today. Those are shells from a different and freshwater species called 'painter's palette'. A dull brown, medium sized shell with a glossy and pure white inner face. Being common and easily available in most european rivers was a cheap and perfect solution for mixing oil colors in the, plastics-free, XVII siecle.

It is decreasing currently and even critically endangered in some european countries, but still remains relatively common in Holland. Can be found from Iberia to Russia and also in UK.

Not in the article, but I really enjoyed "Tim's Vermeer".


Well imho Vermeer was a real painter not a human printer, maybe that is why Tim is not mentioned in the article ;)

I feel that Vermeer and Tim are pretty much the same, although after watching that film Tim seems more romantic and poetic about picture making than Vermeer would have been given the time he was living in...

I feel you are right. Tim is a romantic typewriter given the time he is living in and Vermeer a conceptual poet :o)

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