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[flagged] Using Content Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand (leejamesrobinson.com)
26 points by leerob on Dec 7, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

When I google myself, it all looks good except a video that is posted on a past employer’s Youtube account, of me doing karaoke. This is the company’s Youtube account. Does this look bad? I honestly don’t know. Of course, the karaoke is terrible.

If it makes you feel better, most people's karaoke is terrible :)

To answer your question, no I don't think it looks bad. If that was the only result it would be different. I wouldn't stress about it.

I'd think it would make you look fun, down to earth, interesting and the type of person who shows up at corporate events and supports the company. All good things. It's good to come across as someone who people can have a good time with and who doesn't take themselves so seriously!

Maybe ask your company to put in the description a link to your github or something... some clever line like, "when GT isn't singing the house down in boots he also codes up a storm doing blah... (link to your awesome work here)."

That is my hope. This was a job I had before software... in an industry that would share karaoke videos of it’s employees on the media title’s youtube page, but I would like to think it still works that way.

I struggle with the need to “be authentic” with the need to “build a personal brand”. What if you’re authentic self isn’t exactly an optimal candidate for a personal brand?

Just authentically be the best/idealized version of yourself.

Put your best foot forward/fake it till you make it kind of... you don't need to showcase the side of yourself that eats a pint of Ben and Jerrys and plays slither.io on the couch for 5 hours a night. Show off the hardworking, talented and creative side.

It's cheesy but this PR/branding stuff does work. I used to work with this hack nurse who hired a PR agency and he either wrote or hired someone to ghostwrite all these blog articles about emergency medicine. Suddenly he was getting featured in magazines as "expert nurse Blah RN" and was also getting featured in various "Top Healthcare Provider" type lists and being flown around and getting paid to speak at conferences.

It was kind of annoying because he was pretty clueless when it came to actual patient care and was also a sleazeball who sexually assaulted about 40% of our female workforce. But he had great branding and PR! If you googled him you'd think he was super smart and very impressive.

My point being, sleazeballs like that have absolutely no qualms about outright fabrications, inflating their credentials and lying, so you shouldn't feel guilty about showcasing your most professional, smartest "authentic" self.

Maybe you're just framing it wrong. I'm sure you have a variety of positive attributes about yourself. Being authentic doesn't necessarily mean being the optimal candidate. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies.

After I read Nathan Barry's Authority:


I started writing a blog to build my personal brand. The problem I am having is driving traffic to my blog. I get like 5 views in a day.

So, any ideas on marketing the blog will be helpful.

Would you mind sharing your blog? I'd love to give it a read and give you some feedback. For me personally, it's easiest to write about things I'm passionate about. That might be related to my career or to my life in general. Each one has a different target audience. Understanding that audience is key.

Websites like Hacker News, Reddit, and others provide you with a platform to have your content seen. That doesn't necessarily mean it will succeed, though. I think the biggest hurdle is producing work you would consider high quality. Your readers need to feel like they've learned something valuable by the end of the article. It's difficult to accomplish that while still keeping their interest and not writing a book. Hopefully this helps answer your question a bit.

Contact email?

How will you get readers if you are sending it only by email. Unless you are good at email marketing


As I've been blogging for 2 years now, I started to realize that I can grow my blog traffic by publishing sponsored articles via content marketing platforms like Adsy https://adsy.com/

Share the link to your blog, especially when you have a highly ranked comment on a site like HN that gets over 10 million visitors a month!

If you're trying to build a personal brand and drive traffic, why don't you even have a link to your blog in your HN profile? You've been here for years and have thousands of karma.

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