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Ask HN: Wrong numbers that know your first name
3 points by dec0dedab0de on Dec 6, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
In the last few months I have been getting phone calls from random people asking for me by my first name, then after I acknowledge it's me they say a wrong last name, or company. Then shortly after hanging up I receive a telemarketing call.

Has anyone encountered this pattern before? Does it have a name? Is there a way to report it?

In my case I am fairly certain the company behind it is "electric cloud" Who I foolishly gave my information to at a conference. I assume they are contracting out to a third party to verify the numbers they received, but the whole thing seems very shady.

I know there has been an increase telemarketing and scam calls. Try searching for your number and your name. I know Facebook asks for your number at one point or another and I don't think they hide it unless you state otherwise.

I have a phone number from another state.. and I've since moved, well over 5 years ago.. yet I still get calls from my former state. Why would anyone be calling me from my former state when I haven't lived there and have no business there? I also think the robocallers are simply dialing numbers at random. I mean.. it's not hard to generate a 10 digit phone number and just call every single one and hope it hits.

Kind of similar to the brute force method.

A few years back, I purchased solar panels, but before I found a company I went with, I put my phone number into a system and for months, I was getting phone calls from robots, asking for me by name, and if I had solar panels... and depending on my response, they would continue. If my response was different, the voice would, "Hello? Hello? I think we almost got disconnected there! I hope you can hear me now! Are you a homeowner? Are you ready to get off the grid and go with solar?" Even though my response was like, "I've already got solar..." They apparently don't understand, "no" or "not interested."

IF you know who's calling you, and they insist on calling you, why don't you try to sue them? I just read an article that might be useful for you at http://www.whycall.me/news/my-4500-payday-from-a-telemarkete.... Find a lawyer and file lawsuits against them. Hope it helps.

I don't think it's gotten that far yet. As I did actually give them my information. It's really this odd "wrong number" thing that is bothering me. I just wanted to see if anyone else has even heard of it.

Wow that’s weird. If your theory is true, any ideas why they do that? Does the telemarketing call seem targeted?

The only thing I can think of is that they take their potential leads and run it through a third party to weed out bad numbers. Maybe so that they don't waste their sales people's time.

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