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I have little sympathy for most cases in which people rack up debt and try to escape the consequences

You might want to empathize a bit more. Most debt is racked up because those medical bills you mention are legitimate, but can't be covered due to lack of insurance.

The other way is to make a purchase and then lose your job, at which point you can no longer sell your purchase and no longer sustain the payments.

As I learned from my wife's first pregnancy -- you get bills from 12 different parties with vague names like Northern New York State Physicians Group LLC, which in aggregate are way over the co-pay limit. Try calling one, you cant reach them. Most are probably legitimate, but clearly they are incorrect in aggregate. We hired a billing consultant to reconcile all the bills, I imagine most people give up and either pay them all or just let it all go to collection.

I've made no comment about medical bills or people who legitimately lack the money, who have other legal protection. I'm talking about people who rack up debt and try to escape the consequences just because it is advantageous to themselves to do so. I personally know more of them than I care to. I apologize if the wording implied this was "most cases" of debt in general.

I wasn't calling you out. It was just a different perspective, mostly for readers' benefit. There are many people who feel that the poor are poor because they are incompetent or malicious, rather than because it's a self-sustaining cycle.

It's a good reminder to write less pointedly, though. If you have any tips on writing style or favorite authors, I'd love to hear them.

You yourself pointed out a way in which my own post could have been written less pointedly, so I'm probably not the one to be giving tips :)

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