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Show HN: Go# – go-like concurrency aspects in C# (github.com)
20 points by kpocza 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Just a quick note. This is a small library for .NET/C# that implements the most important concurrency elements of go like channels, selects, timers, tickers. Don't hesitate to tell your opinion if you have suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. Thanks.

I need to know if this is something I can use in production.

- What are recommended minimum C# / CLR versions?

- Do you plan on implementing first-class support for the full .NET framework?

I would like to know how much thought you've invested in future direction.

- Do you have a plan for incorporating the C# 7.2 Span stuff?


There are no specific requirements for the C# version, the library was written in v7. Go# compiles to three targets: .NET Standard 1.2, .NET Standard 2.0, and the full .NET Framework 4.5.2+. The same three are available in the NuGet package published to nuget.org.

There are not so many allocations in the library where Span would help still it's already quite performant at the moment. If you have any production feature requests please don't hesitate to file an issue on GitHub or send a pull request.

Thanks! You should flesh out some of this usability info in the README.

how does this compare to tpl dataflow on performance? is a go channel kinda like c# bufferblock? are channels thread safe for multiple producers and multiple consumers writing to and taking from the same queue? i like the code sample.. very clean.

I haven't compared it to TPL Dataflow however made some pure performance measurements. The results are at the end of this: https://github.com/kpocza/GoSharp/blob/master/src/GoSharp.Pe...

Basically Go# can pass millions of messages in a second.

And yes, a Go#/Go channel is similar to something like BufferBlock however both are designed to fit into different "ecosystem" and way of thinking.

Go# channels are thread safe and have been designed to operate in parallel environment.

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