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Trade (YC W17) is hiring – Build the future of trade in Africa
10 months ago | hide
Trade is building a platform that we hope will someday power the trade of everything over distance in Africa. Right now we trade maize in Ghana. Since launching last October, we’ve traded over $1.5M worth of goods.

Our opportunity is that traders in Ghana take 40 - 70% of the final price of most agricultural goods. We handle the logistics of assuring quality and exchanging goods and payment, so that both buyers and sellers can get better prices.

We are backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Y Combinator, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, Founder’s Fund, and Reid Hoffman. We are extremely ambitious and are looking to hire more people to join our team. If using Angel List to apply is annoying, feel free to email wilson [at] tradeghana.co

Positions (all are full-time in Tamale, Ghana):

UI/UX Designer: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/306791-lead-designer

You have strong opinions about good design process when building a product and want to spend a lot of time talking to customers. You’re very organized and responsive, and enjoy having lots of product decisions depend on you.

Backend Engineer: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/274673-lead-backend-engineer

You have a strong sense of system design and tradeoffs. You’re excited to build the service layer to move trucks, goods, and money with an API call.

Product Engineer: What we mean by this title is a mix between a product manager and software developer. You should be an extremely competent software engineer who wants to have more product ownership. You want to talk to users, own timelines, and maybe even do some design.

We want to hire product engineers with several different focuses

Payments and Financial Services: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/306781-product-engineer-payment-and-financial-services

Transport: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/306778-product-engineer-transport

Warehousing: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/306782-product-engineer-warehousing

Buyer app: https://angel.co/trade-4/jobs/306785-product-engineer-buyer-app

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