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madmax108 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Popular Google Searches by year, by my estimation.

2016: "what is bitcoin"

2017: "what is ethereum"

2018: "what is a wash trade"

2019: "can you eat squirrel"


A separate thought I had. Libertarians are > 95% male. I would not be surprised if bitcoin holders are > 95% male.

If bitcoin is the "next big thing," does it become... an enormous transfer of wealth to tech-or-libertarian-leaning men?

(n.b. I have no faith in bitcoin retaining its value)

Are libertarians pro bitcoin? Seems like some of the biggest names in that space (Schiff, Ron Paul) aren't very pro bitcoin.

You sir, deserve all of the up-votes.

Bitcoin is now $13300 on gdax

edit: $13400

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