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When did robocalls get shut down? Was it recent?

I think there are probably several times that could be said to be "the time robocalls were shut down".

Currently, I'm living in one of the times they are not shut down. Apparently student loan refinancing is quite lucrative now. I neither know much about it nor (personally) care, since mine have been paid off for a while, but apparently every state in the union has someone who is desperate to let me know about their services. In the last couple of weeks they've started leaving voice mails instead of just ignoring them when I hang up.

(I'd be slightly less frustrated at the amount of advertising targeting and surveillance done if "the system" (scare quoted because I know it's not really one thing) would figure out that, say, I don't need to hear about student loan refinancing.)

Yup, they seem to be coming in waves. In the past week, I received several robo-calls on how the IRS is suing me, after months or years of not getting any. Before that, it was the "you won an Expedia gift card" wave.

My business phone number is called 2-3 times a day by these student loan robocallers. I just work the menu to get to someone and then try to waste their time by drawing the conversation out. They're pretty good at hanging up as soon as they realize I'm not a mark.

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