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> I gave up since the card they had on file was expired anyway

An expired credit card is not the same thing as one locked for fraud/lost card/etc.

It is possible to charge an expired credit card, many banks will just roll the charges onto the new card instead.

Huh? In my experience at least that is not the case. If a vendor no longer has your correct card details on file (which would certainly be the case if your old card expired and you were issued a new one), then the vendor's charges will be denied by your issuer whether you had a long standing recurring payment or not. I know this because I sometimes receive a 'payment overdue/problem processing your payment' notice from some subscriptions I forget to update when an old card expires.

Auto-updating expired card info is absolutely a thing: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/recurring-charg...

In my personal experience, as someone who has been taking credit card payments on the web for over 20 years, no. Charges to expired cards are not accepted.

Charges to expired cards are not accepted.

Charges that are both flagged as recurring, and set up before expiry can be accepted.

Existing recurring charges can roll over.

i got hit with fraudulent charges from abcmouse.com . i had never even heard of them before .

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