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> no other options aside from "your kid starves"

This hypothetical scenario has no basis in reality, at least in the US. Besides the fact that children in the US have access to free meals on a daily basis through public schools, food in the US is dirt cheap. Food deserts basically no longer exist in the US thanks to stores like Walmart. You can easily supply a nutrient-filled 2500 kcal diet for under $3/day in the US. For most people who are desperately poor and unable to do this, it is an educational problem; a lot of people just don’t know how to eat healthily.

About a sixth of NYC families are food-insecure (https://www.foodbanknyc.org/wp-content/uploads/Meal-Gap-Tren...), and food deserts absolutely still exist (https://www.foodsystemsjournal.org/index.php/fsj/article/vie...).

Please don’t make shit up off the top of your head.

Perception is reality at the points we're talking about. Being unable to see the way out means there is no way out. You underestimate the psychological toll being at the bottom of the barrel causes.

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