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I wonder what's the longest period of time you've ever fasted for?

Many years ago I was homeless and broke for a period of time. At one point I didn't eat for 2 days, it wasn't easy and not something I'd be willing to do again voluntarily.

2 days sounds easy, right?

Fasting for even a week is no problem when you have been well fed before. It's not so much fun and not so healthy when you are already underfed or malnourished when you start.

Recommending fasting to poor people is pretty arrogant.

I've fasted for 3 days. Day 1 was kinda rough, day 2 was easier imo. Day 3 was the easiest of the 3 days. That said, I fasted from a place of luxury. Not eating because you literally have no food available is a completely different psychological experience.

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