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Reminds me of the time Optimum continued charging me for SIX MONTHS after cancelling their ISP service. Couldn't get it resolved and ultimately got collections notices for the debt. I had to get the city (NYC) involved and threaten to sue before I got to someone who was willing to resolve it.

I had the same thing happen with Comcast. I filed a complaint with the FCC online for erroneous billing and the inability to cancel my account.

Forwarded the FCC complaint in an email to comcast and within a day got a response .A few days later they acknowledged that I was erroneously billed 600 bucks and that they actually owed me 10 bucks.

Good thing these people are now going to be our internet gatekeepers.

I had a similar issue with Comcast.

Thats strange, they swore it was a unique incident?

LOL , it has a happened with numerous friends and family members of mine, that have tried to cancel their service.

I incorporated an LLC through Legalzoom a few years ago that I didn't end up using for its intended purpose, so I logged in to cancel the renewal. After spending about 15 minutes combing through all of the account settings and reading the fine print I couldn't find any way to cancel the renewal (they must have forgotten to add that functionality to their UI), I gave up since the card they had on file was expired anyway, so I figured they would just cancel the service when they realized they didn't have a valid card on file anymore. Instead I got a bill from Caine & Weiner Commercial Collection Division for $160; no warning or notification from Legalzoom. I'm still super pissed about this and I definitely won't use or recommend Legalzoom to anyone anymore.

> I gave up since the card they had on file was expired anyway

An expired credit card is not the same thing as one locked for fraud/lost card/etc.

It is possible to charge an expired credit card, many banks will just roll the charges onto the new card instead.

Huh? In my experience at least that is not the case. If a vendor no longer has your correct card details on file (which would certainly be the case if your old card expired and you were issued a new one), then the vendor's charges will be denied by your issuer whether you had a long standing recurring payment or not. I know this because I sometimes receive a 'payment overdue/problem processing your payment' notice from some subscriptions I forget to update when an old card expires.

Auto-updating expired card info is absolutely a thing: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/recurring-charg...

In my personal experience, as someone who has been taking credit card payments on the web for over 20 years, no. Charges to expired cards are not accepted.

Charges to expired cards are not accepted.

Charges that are both flagged as recurring, and set up before expiry can be accepted.

Existing recurring charges can roll over.

i got hit with fraudulent charges from abcmouse.com . i had never even heard of them before .

So you thought the website that caters lawyer services would just drop the case? Bold move Cotton.

I think if you ever get to the point where you feel like you have to threaten to sue in order to get something fixed, you should probably just visit your local small claims clerk or civil lawsuits lawyer and actually do it.

The other thing that might work is social media shaming. Calling ordinary customer service reps has become increasingly useless over the last 40 years.

This. Nothing like a lawsuit to get a company to actually respond; even if they win it, the cost of sending someone to address it is almost guaranteed to be more than if they just settled the issue.

Besides that, if you threaten to sue, you're just giving them time to construct a defense strategy instead of addressing the actual issue at hand. With the threat, the burden is still on you to take action. With an actual lawsuit, they must act within a certain interval, or you win by default.

I know a guy who had same happen to him with Verizon wireless. He had cancelled the service but they kept billing him which he didn't see (I think he moved?).

This was when most bills were still sent in physical mails.

They sent the unpaid bills to collection agency and it was a huge hassle. He still refuses to do anything with verizon wireless.

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