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For your benefit in future postings, here is a clue that you may have editorialized a title:

If the article you've submitted has 5,500 words in it, and the real title of that article (a) doesn't include the idea in your title and (b) accurately sums up the article, and you have to add a comment like "see minute 35:31 to see what I'm talking about" to have the title make sense, then you may have editorialized the title.

    editorialize |ˌɛdəˈtɔriəˌlaɪz| verb [ intrans. ]
    (of a newspaper, editor, or broadcasting organization) make comments
    or express opinions rather than just report the news.
    • offer one's opinion, as if in an editorial.
Since you cannot infer from the title I chose, nor the comment pointing to the particular place in the article I was talking about, my opinions on that part of the article could you please explain exactly how it is editorializing?

Alternatively, could you explain exactly how one should submit for discussion something that appeared in a longer article that discussed many unrelated things?

You don't get to take a large article and monopolize its coverage on Hacker News with your own point of view. Next time, submit the article on its own merits and leave your point of view to the comments.

How about if I make a blog somewhere, write a short blog entry calling attention to the part I'm interested in discussing, and submit that blog entry to HN? Would that be acceptable?


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