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Show HN: Enviar.io – Real estate landing pages (enviar.io)
56 points by usernamebias on Dec 6, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments

Is there an example of what a landing page would look like?

This. Product looks awesome but without any examples I couldn't see myself converting.

Ditto. Show me the goods before you start making me do work (filling forms).

However it may be an MVP. Has anybody bothered going through the process to the end?

Yes, it didn't take long and I didn't even need to validate my email address. Here it is: https://app.enviar.io/link/d6b6e380

0/10 - Landlord abusing his power.

I'm not sure if this is due to the dummy data but the listing shows 17 bedrooms and 17 bedrooms. Should one of these be bathrooms?

It's a bug with Enviar. It should show 17 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms. When I view the page, it shows 17 bedrooms and 32 bedrooms.

So I have friends who spend about 1/2 million dollars monthly on digital marketing driving traffic to landing pages. This product "sounds" exactly like what they need and I thought "let me forward this link." Then I see no demo or screenshots, my next thought "perhaps I shouldn't."

Yes. The three pages that flow in when the website loads, they look like that. I'm hoping to add more 'themes' in the future.

The problem is, if we can't see the the whole page, we don't know if the page displays more info than what's in the screenshot when we scroll down. Turns out, there's not much, at least in the sample page that another user created, so maybe that's why you didn't show more.

Can you add some live page examples? And can you add more average houses, like 3 bed 2 bath?

Most of us are a few tiers away from that 8000 sq ft, ocean-side, indoor pool property.

Eh, I think what they really need are just example pages. It's fine if marketing material is aspirational, after all this person is going after real estate agents, not home buyers.

Bug found!

The terms of service are way (really, way!) too complicated for such a simple product.

(And, by the way, there must be a million other free services which allow one to put some images and text on the web, so why choose this one? The landing page should really explain that. And it should include some demos at least.)

I get that that's a problem, but when trying to get a MVP out fast and validate an idea I think privacy policies & TOS' seem like a formality that will be figured out later if the business does actually happen to become profitable. Correct me if I'm wrong?

You are wrong. You shouldn't put legal terms or policies on your site if you don't understand the legal ramifications of doing so, and how it will influence your business.

Curious what made you look/compare ToS? I find it interesting you quickly identified the similarity.

Bingo! Find and Replace :')

Hi! Thank you for using Enviar!

The ToS covers all bases now, so that when i start adding more features it does not need to be updated.

I'm hoping to take a small bite of the landing page market by making it crazy easy for people (real estate for now) to make sites. I could never hope to compete with Instapage or Unbounce, not yet anyways ;)

I've created an open source project for scraping real estate sites: https://github.com/RealEstateWebTools/property_web_scraper

You could use it to save people the trouble of filling out all the details for their property - they just provide the url for the property on a portal site that is supported and you import the details from there.

Does Enviar have any integrations with any of the real estate focused CRMs like Contactually?

Coming soon!!!

Its so young and i'm so tired of coding! But expect integrations with the biggest CRM and DB's in the biz.

I don't have much to add, except to say that this landing looks incredible. Well done!

thank you! :')

As someone who is looking for property to buy... I would not use landing pages like this. I want a fully-fledged search engine that I can filter to my requirements.

Have you talked to any realtors (your primary market?) about this?

Why only do real estate? Why not do landing pages for simple physical products, enterprise SaaS software or mobile apps. Real question though what do people actually use for the above ?

Real estate is a good target because developers will frequently crank out a new website for each new development, which will be used for six months or a year until the units are sold, then mothballed. The requirements of such a site are well defined and simple, and the short lifespan means there's no point in spending much money on them. Still, they have to look like money.

Source: developed real estate websites for several years.

Apart from Kluny's points, focusing on a single niche makes things easier in the beginning. It's better to be THE landing page builder for Real Estate than one among hundreds of general landing page builders.

I'm hoping to expand this to other markets too. Everyone needs fast, beautiful landing pages. Real estate is a market i'm intimate with, so i'd figure its a good start

"Enviar" means "to send" in Portuguese.

also in spanish!! That's where it comes form.

There is a bug, where the # of bathrooms are listed as bedrooms, in addition to bedrooms being correctly listed as bedrooms.

fixed :)

Would be nice to have some indication of pricing before I jump in.

You're absolutely right. Were hoping to expand the landing page soon with a pricing section.

for now:

3 Pages - Free 10 Pages - $25/m 25 Pages - $50/m Unlimited Pages - $100/m

I would make a bet top brokerage firms would pay way more than 100/month for the ability to create quick and beautiful pages for prime listings.

Site looks great.

Shameless plug: I work on another landing-page generator, https://tylio.com/

That doesn't really count as a substantive comment in someone else's Show HN.

ha! new member to the club? Wish me luck, mate!

Not really new, we've been working on this for 2 years... But yeah, good luck! Real estate is a pretty hard market to crack, but there's money to be had there.

Whats the deal with not including demos

Just curious, why do you censor "fucking" but not "bullshit" in the same sentence?

I don't know, I'd have to ask the guy who wrote said sentence! (I'm not alone at Tylio, we're a small startup in Montreal)

Shameless plug: I also work on another landing-page generator: https://realtykit.net

Looks neat!

I'm tired of website builders who, themselves, have terrible plumbing. https://goo.gl/2VRrg8


Wrong URL! Correct URL: https://goo.gl/tsc6cF

The abrasive swipe in your comment means that it breaks the HN guidelines, especially for Show HNs. There's no call for that, so please don't do it. I'm sure you could find a way to phrase the substantive part thoughtfully if you wanted to.



You used the wrong URL.

Darn it. I just became a statistic of irony.

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