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Ask HN: Would a list of books recommended by founders and makers be interesting?
10 points by leonagano 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

I'd be very interested. This is actually one of the things I like to ask entrepreneurs when we first meet. I'd tell you what I've found, but it would get me kicked off HN again.

Well now I need to know...

I was specifically looking for religious related answers. Reason being, I think a lot of management decisions are made based on religious relationships inside the office (e.g. I go to church with this person so I'll support their projects more). I've asked dozens of people in leadership positions what book they recommend. Some of my favorites I've gotten Maxwell Leadership, and The Bible, and I was surprised to hear Arnold's Bodyshaping for Women made a huge difference in one person's life and approach to physical health. I will continue to ask people this throughout Linkedin and Facebook.


Why would it get you kicked off?

I'd recommend the book "Coders at Work," it features lots of industry veterans and candid interviews with them. I remember not being able to put the book down while reading the chapter interviewing the founder of LiveJournal.

I created a quick landing page to feel if people are interested in it......https://bbfounders.carrd.co/

It provides zero value. It just asks for our email.

Here's a useful page: https://medium.com/startup-library/marc-andressen-bookshelf-...

How would you think it’d be good to test the idea before launch it? More information on the landing page? Some kind of prototype? I’m just learning to launch and would love to hear feedback.

What do you mean by "launch", exactly?

The easiest way to see if people find a list of book recommendations useful or not is to just compile it, put it online and share it! Better yet, do this several times with different formats or recommendations from different people and your page traffic will let you know what is and isn't valued. Asking in the abstract is very, very difficult to get good intel from.

One somewhat related success model is Maria Popova, who has built a massive site called Brain Pickings from reading and writing summaries of books herself. There was no sudden launch to fanfare. She learnt what worked by creating and listening to her audience over time.

Yeah I'm not going to give my email for something that's an idea. Just put up the list of books.

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