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If this proof is up for review, that would mean there could be errors in it, right?

As another commenter mentioned, it will likely take months or even years to verify.

At 66 pages, coming from a well regarding researcher, and with its professional style of writing, I'd be shocked if this wasn't reviewed and slotted for publication before the end of the year.

In fact, one may argue that by FOCS we'll have had so many graduate students, reading groups, and reviewers pour over this paper that we'll have either a consensus or have found an error.

If a proof has been reviewed there might still be errors in it...

Indeed. But, fortunately, this is seldom a problem in math.

I mean, often people discover problems in proofs --- but if the result was beautiful enough, they are usually able to repair the proofs. It's like debugging. (And I mean it, thanks to the Curry-Howard isomorphism.)

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