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Some SpiderMonkey Optimizations in Firefox Quantum (jandemooij.nl)
212 points by jandem on Dec 6, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Nice to see the property work finally removed getClass hooks. I remember trying to remove those like 6 years ago, but I thought the breakage would be too big to even try. SpiderMonkey is in good hands!

Thanks. Removing these hooks would have been a lot more complicated 6 years ago: I'm pretty sure the new WebIDL DOM bindings got rid of many of them over the years. I also replaced some of the Class hooks with proxies, did proxies even exist back then? :)

The proxies already existed at that time, but the idea of using them in the native code to replace hooks did not :)

Thanks for posting. I was already wondering, if SpiderMonkey didn't get the memo of Quantum coming or what, because I never heard much about it when seemingly every other team was touting their horn.


Also, this is a fantastic format for an article if you're looking to communicate developer value to a wider audience.

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