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It's hilarious to me that conservatives will talk about political correctness getting "out of hand", while downplaying or ignoring pathologies that result from their own beliefs that have caused, and continue to cause, extraordinary amounts of death, torture, poverty and suffering.

Come back when lynch mobs have literally hanged thousands of people for being politically incorrect. Or when millions of people are being systemically disenfranchised because they're politically incorrect. Or when a US president is about to trigger a nuclear war over "political correctness".

The 100 million people killed by Communist regimes in the last 100 years were nearly all killed for being “politically incorrect.”

It’s basically a defining feature of Communist-Socialist regimes: imprision or liquidate dissenting voices.

In a lot of ways comunist regimes have deeply conservative - see Chairman Mao and his wish to retain the rural, impoverished peasant lifestyle.

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